• Probes Unlimited, Inc. Microchip RTDs
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Cut Wire Services Thermocouples
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Temperature Sensor Thermistors
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Laboratory Equipment Thermal Switches
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Cut Wire Service Linear Output Sensors (ENET)
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Quality Control Stainless Steel Tubing


Continual Development

We believe that there is always room for improvement. The manufacturing industry is an ever-evolving field, and we are continually developing so we can maintain our customer-centered process management system. We operate to a MIL-105E inspection standard which has been used by the United States military. Our inspection system requires not only in-process inspections, but final inspection after assembly which helps us fulfill our goal of having fewer and fewer failures. We also have the capacity to offer calibration certificates from -40 to 400 degrees centigrade.