• Probes Unlimited, Inc. Microchip RTDs
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Cut Wire Services Thermocouples
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Temperature Sensor Thermistors
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Laboratory Equipment Thermal Switches
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Cut Wire Service Linear Output Sensors (ENET)
  • Probes Unlimited, Inc. Quality Control Stainless Steel Tubing


We are a Solutions Provider

At Probes Unlimited, Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to be a solutions provider that takes the time to listen to what our clients are looking for. Since we provide the majority of our customers with an ongoing service, we try to work closely with our clients and build lasting relationships. We do this so we can better understand their concerns, possible material needs, and project goals. From this, we can customize a part that best fits their needs. Through our lean practices, we have eliminated non-value-adding activities, so that we can focus on being as customer centric as possible. Our engineering team: DeLany, Michael Berry and Roy Cramer apply over 30 years of real world application experience to every project they work on. Since adopting lean methods, we have increased our sales dramatically based on the principles of delivering to the customer’s requirements and not our perceptions. We would love the opportunity to design the best probe, at the right price, for your application.